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Re: Gene you poor soul

On Wednesday 22 May 2019 02:52:31 am mick crane wrote:

> On 2019-05-22 04:40, Gene Heskett wrote:
> > Its working now, and I have other irons in the fire, like how do I
> > print
> > to a printer shared by cups, from a win 10 Home edition.
> I've only ever done it with networked printers.
> You may get lucky with cupsd on linux box that can print if you let
> windows search for a printer.

I do have an MFC at .21 on the local net.  One of Brothers tabloid sized 
Color inkjets. Windows 10-home doesn't seem to be aware of it. What I 
need for this job is a bare-a$$ed color printer, but all I could find at 
Staples last week were physicly huge MFC's.  Wally has some really cheap 
$40 ones, but I suspect that I'd have to buy one per job because the 
heads would dry up and clog between uses. Back when I was a fan of 
epsons, the cost of the inks was $250/year just to print the nightly 
amanda reports to exercise the printer. That worked out to about $1 a 
sheet and it still got clogged.  I didn't do that with the last one and 
wound up with the head hopelessly clogged, would not clean, 2 weeks 
after I parked it on the table from new in the box. $500 for an AI1. For 
this, I need something that fits in a briefcase, and Just Works, maybe 
once a month.  Is such a beast even made today?  Doubtfull.

> Otherwise the printer to select will be, I forget exactly, may be
> "local printer"
> http://ipaddress_of_pc_running_cupsd:631/exact_name_cups_identifies_pr
> good luck
> mick

Thanks Mick.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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