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Re: Gene you poor soul

Gene Heskett <gheskett@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> On Tuesday 21 May 2019 08:07:17 pm Jude DaShiell wrote:
> > If brltty is killing all other usb numbers, that's a bug that needs
> > fixing!  Much of the other computer peripherals going into modern
> > computers these days go in through usb ports.
> > If that ran, my standard keyboard and speakers would be killed and if
> > those two get killed, I can't use a computer since I use speech
> > synthesis for output since I've never been able to see a screen.
> >
> This only affected the seriel to usb dongles.  And I've at least 3 in
> this system.  Since x10 will never make another CM-11a, and a
> firecracker is different enough it won't talk to any of the older stuff,
> it either works or I build a whole new system to automate one group of
> lights.
> > One time I remember the Navy went and fixed band width hogging bugs
> > with their mandatory training and took out the requirement to position
> > a mouse and click to move to the next slide.  This was done to support
> > accessibility.  Its other effect was on all of the ships in the
> > fleets. Sailors suddenly discovered it was easier to complete their
> > mandatory training.
> > That was one instance where accessibility improvement had a good
> > effect on those in remote environments.
> >

	I found this thread accidentally and got interested in it
so here are my two Cents worth.

	When you run a program or application, that application
may need kernel modules that aren't part of the kernel right now
so it looks in a special directory which is
/lib/modules/long_number.  In my case, long_number is


	Yours could be the same or more likely, it will be
different and you find that out with the command

uname -r

	The output you get from uname -r is what you put after

	Your modules directory might have a module supporting
brltty and you can find that out by cd
/lib/modules/that_long_number and then doing ls |grep -i brltty.

	What that does is list all the files in the directory and
only print those containing brltty in their name and it won't
matter if the brltty is all upper case, lower case or some crazy

	If nothing is there, you have no brltty modules so you
have found the bottom of that rabbit hole and don't need to dig
any further.

	If you do, however, then lookup how to keep your computer
from using that module since you don't need brltty anyway.  That
procedure is different with different versions of Linux so read
how your version blacklists kernel modules to keep them from ever

	This is one of the many things about unix that are really
useful since you can tweak your system to fix seemingly
intractable problems at times.

Martin McCormick