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Re: got a new problem with heyu, and it is a bug in bfltty that kills all /dev/ttyUSBnumber's

On Tuesday 21 May 2019 02:31:26 pm Curt wrote:

> On 2019-05-21, Gene Heskett <gheskett@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> >> We are positively discriminating in favor of the blind.
> >>
> >> > Cheers, Gene Heskett
> >
> > Then perhaps the better question is why was it running on a new
> > stretch install?   I think it probably could be fixed to keep both
> > camps happy.
> That I don't know. I don't have it here on my Stretch. It would be
> interesting to discover what dragged brltty into yours.
Good question. The install image is supposed to be the latest straight 
amd64 debian stretch, with a rt-preempt kernel and the latest stable 
2.7.4 linuxcnc.  Not much else is supposed to be changed.

> > Cheers, Gene Heskett

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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