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Re: Can't Connect to Secure Wireless Network

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>I'm on a university campus; we have a secure network ("ACUsecure") to 
>which I'm trying to connect. Mac laptops and Windows laptops have no 
>problem. You connect to the network, and a pop-up appears asking for the 
>user's "campus" username/password, and connection is made. 

I have used local hospital/nursing homes, etc. that also have these 
"captive portal" things, and sometimes you can connect if you go to the 
gateway address in the browser after you are connected, and sign in there.  
Sometimes oddly it is even on a different network, like a 10.X.X.X net.  
I have no idea how it all works, but you can probably/maybe find the 
gateway with 'ip r' command.  It's usually x.x.x.1 of whatever net 
address the DHCP server assigns you.  There could be a redirect to 
whatever portal address they have setup.

You probably have to set javascript/cookies enabled globally until you 
figure out what addresses to allow.

RMS had a lot of inconvenience with this and developed a plugin for icecat 
that would connect to McDonald's and I think the NY Subway WIFI. So there 
may be a plugin solution also.  Don't give up, and let people here know 
what you find out okay?  Thanks.

Good Luck.