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Can't Connect to Secure Wireless Network

I'm on a university campus; we have a secure network ("ACUsecure") to which I'm trying to connect. Mac laptops and Windows laptops have no problem. You connect to the network, and a pop-up appears asking for the user's "campus" username/password, and connection is made.

On my Debian sid laptop, using Gnome or Cinnamon as my DE (and not knowing how to connect via console-only), I can click on the Network Settings and get to the list of networks, and see "ACUsecure". I can try to connect, and I get prompted for a username/password. But the connection never succeeds.

I've involved our network guru on campus; he's not very familiar with Debian, but he spent an hour looking over things. From his side of the network, it looks like I'm getting validated, but from the laptop, I've found logs that say authentication failure. He's tried his credentials also, in various forms. He believes we've got the settings right on Debian:

WPA&WPA2 Enterprise

Protected EAP (PEAP)

Anonymous identity blank

CA cert None

No CA cert required

Inner auth MSCHAPv2



When I try to follow the journalctl entries from first trying to switch to ACUsecure until I cancel the pop-up asking again for creds, I get this:

http://goshen.acu.edu/westk/ACU-INTERNAL-USE/wireless.txt (IPs replaced by "aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd"; yeah, just feel-good security on my part, I know, but it helps a little)

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!