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Re: got a new problem with heyu, and it is a bug in bfltty that kills all /dev/ttyUSBnumber's

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>> We are positively discriminating in favor of the blind.
>Then perhaps the better question is why was it running on a new stretch 
>install?   I think it probably could be fixed to keep both camps happy.

Because it is easier for a sighted person to remove brltty and setup their 
serial device than it is for a blind person to figure out what package to 
install without a braille device to read with?

Sorry to but in, but really Gene... don't you think that accessibility for 
the blind is more important, than controlling the lights in your house, 
or whatever you are using heyu for?  It's only an initial setup, it's not 
permanent.  I mean really, have a little compassion?