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Re: PDFtoMusic installation

Nicholas Geovanis <nickgeovanis@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> You are invoking an executable whose name has a space character in it.
> Usually those files originate in Windows systems but Linux supports them.
> That \ character there (note direction of slant) is trying to escape the
> space character. But in your shells (Or at least in that invocation) you
> didn't do it correctly. Siard did by putting the executable into his PATH,
> but you don't have to. Enclose the whole command line in single quotes and
> give it a try.

Thanks, but I'm afraid that doesn't work either.  To have it work, on another
PC of mine, I had to upgrade to Sid, and then now the program starts
regularly.  I think, it seems to me at first uses, to be an interesting