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Re: favorites in KDE menu disappear

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In stretch, they are stored as favoriteApps= setting in a [Containments] 
section @ ~/.config/plasma-org.kde.plasma.desktop-appletsrc

You might be able to find out where these are stored with grep:
~/.config$ grep -R favoriteApps *

Then back it up, maybe even setup a script to restore it.  There have been 
times when it was real handy to have backups of the several rc files, 
especially after spending time getting things setup JUST right.

That's not good if the containment stuff is going screwy again, that was a 
bad problem last ver.  Does it seem to happen when you add widgets?  Do 
you have a lot of widgets or desktop icons and things?

Probably not much point in a bug report, unless you find a workaround...

good luck.