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Re: PDFtoMusic installation

Curt <curty@xxxxxxx> writes:

> On 2019-05-19, Brian <ad44@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> On Sun 19 May 2019 at 06:32:02 +0000, Rodolfo Medina wrote:
>>> Hi all.
>>> Here:
>>>  http://www.myriad-online.com/en/download/linux.htm?a=pdftomusicpro-
>>> I downloaded and installed an interesting pdftomusicpro- but
>>> can't make it run...  When I try to launch the binary with:
>>>  $ ./PDFtoMusic\ Pro 
>>> I get:
>>> -bash: ./PDFtoMusic Pro: No such file or directory
>>> Anybody able to help...?
>> The file is named pdftomusicpro- Either make it executable
>> with chmod or do
>> sh pdftomusicpro-
> That was my initial reaction until I reflected upon it further and
> realized the OP had successfully accomplished that first step and now
> wishes to run the extracted executable.


> Normally, it should reside in "/usr/bin/PDFtoMusic Pro"

Yes, but the same error I get with

 $ /usr/bin/PDFtoMusic\ Pro

although the file is there just in /usr/bin.

> (why there is a
> space in the name defies my imaginative faculty).

Mine also...!

Please help, the software in question seems to be an interesting one...