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Re: buildd and buildbot

On Saturday 18 May 2019 03:40:54 pm Cousin Stanley wrote:

> Gene Heskett wrote:
> >> https://forum.pine64.org/forumdisplay.php
> >
> > Their object is to sell the board, support is very thin to zip.
> >
> > BTDT, sorry I bought 2 of them.
>   I only have a single rock64 board that I've used
>   just for testing to see what they're all about
>   and it's curently off-line.
>   It's been quite a while since I've visited the rock64 forum
>   but the few times I posted over there, respondents seemed
>   to be helpful ....
>   As always one's own proverbial mileage may vary ....
I have built several rt-preempt kernels on an ssd plugged into one of my 
rockk64's. Then asked how to install then because the u-boot thing is 
new to me. Several times I've asked. Crickets.

So yesterday I dd'd a new armbian 5.25 image to a 64Gb card and thought 
I'd head the networking off at the pass by putting my hosts file on it, 
and a static defined eth0 file in e/n/i.d as I've been told that N-M 
won't touch a staticly defined interface. On first boot it took 8 
minutes to resize the image to the 64GB u-sd.  Then it upgraded about 
250 packages.  So thats good for a reboot so I did. That was the last 
time the network worked for about 7 hours.  And that pulls my trigger...

What I eventually found, because every time I looked at /etc/resolv.conf 
it was generated by N-M but otherwise blanked. Finally I discovered it 
was not a link to some cheater file, but a real file! So I nano'd it to 
read the correct data, and chmod +i immediately so N-M couldn't knock it 
up again. Stepped into /e/init.d and ./networking restart. Worked, and 
has been working ever since. I also tried to have apt remove N-M, but 
apt insists on removing the desktop with it. So the only other thing is 
to castrate N-M with chmod +i's on the files it wants to change and 
thereby destroy a working staticly defined home network setup. At some 
point I'll likely rm the bits and pieces of N-M as I've done that to 
several older x86, amd64 & armhf distros and the rest of the system has 
never complained about that angry bull in a china shop going missing. By 
have resolv.conf search hosts,nameserver, with nameserver defined as my 
router, its also the gateway, a query that can't be resolved by the 
hosts file, is sent on thru dd-wrt to the nameservers at my ISP, and it 
all Just Works. That teeny little connection gui in the upper right 
corner of the armbian screen is running as me after the first reboot, so 
it can't change anything and won't even accept the correct data to make 
a static setup work, and has no facility to ask for a sudo. So its as 
worthless as the appendages on a bore hogs belly. Why is it even there?

ifconfig has been deprecated, but its only crime was that it worked, 
leaving us with ip, whose man page is written in English, but may as 
well be swahili. Would it kill the authors mother to include 1 or 2 
examples to demo how it all fits together so it works instead of 
spitting out the same identical help screen in swahili every time? I 
did, just once, get it to show the routeing table. But thats all I have 
managed to get out of it in almost 2 years of the 10,000 monkeys typing 
exercise. ip? Needs 7 or 8 arguments just to look at eth0?  Nuke the 
SOB, and if something was wrong with ifconfig, fix it. I have no 
patience with solving a 50x50 crossword puzzle just to run that piece of 
crap. Yeah I'm unhappy, N-M and ip, because I couldn't get any answers 
out of it, cost me 7 hours yesterday.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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