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kvm errors with 4.9.0-9 kernel.


I recently updated my debian 9.9 machine which installed the 4.9.0-9 kernel.  With this kernel,  the kvm_intel modules fail to load due to the following errors:

kernel: [    6.234764] kvm_intel: Unknown symbol cpu_tlbstate (err -22)
kernel: [    6.235463] kvm_intel: Unknown symbol mds_user_clear (err 0)
kernel: [    6.330732] kvm_intel: disagrees about version of symbol cpu_tlbstate

Naturally none of my VM's will start.  I have gone through the kvm debian wiki and tried reinstalling the kvm packages while running on this 4.9.0-9 kernel but that does not solve the problem.  I have to boot on the 4.9.0-8 kernel if I want to use my VM's.  This sure looks like an upgrade issue and that these modules aren't built for this version of the kernel.  Anyone else run into this?  How do I fix it?