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Re: Rstudio Crashes.

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>I have installed R-3.3.3 and RStudio-1.2.1335-amd on my Stretch platform.
>There were no installer complaints with any of the packages during the 
>RStudio opens without messages, but when I attempt downloading and 
>installing an application there is a series of errors and RStudio closes:

My guess after a websearch for "nouveau: kernel rejected pushbuf" would be 
either a gpu driver bug, or something like this QT5 bug:
Stretch has qt5 5.7 and evidently the bug was fixed in 5.10

I see from wikipedia search for rstudio that this ver was released 38 days 
ago.  Do you have docs from rstudio that say it is compatible with 
stretch?  That is the first place I'd look, what OS does it require?

good luck.