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Re: please do *never* use GitHub for free software, was Re: Salsa vs Github

On 5/17/19 10:43 PM, Ben Finney wrote:
Mark Allums <mark@allums.email> writes:

On 5/17/19 2:28 AM, Dominik George wrote:
Please explain, in detail, why.

I'm not convinced,  Give me more.

If the above articles don't convince you, what would convince you that
has not already been said?

I'm sure you can appreciate that some people have unreasonable demands
for being convinced, and no amount of persuasion is enough. Can you give
an example of what reasonable presentation would be needed to convince
you on this matter?

Well, for a start, a lot of it seemed to be simple anti-Microsoft propaganda. But The onus is not on me to provide reasons. I simply asked for more info.