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Re: Install backport during netinstall installation process

On Thu 16 May 2019 at 14:01:43 +0100, Rory Campbell-Lange wrote:


> Consequently I'd be grateful to know if:
> * it is possible to somehow install the backport kernel and dependencies
>   during the netinstall process 
>   (apt-get install doesn't seem available on the virtual terminals)

You could consider preseeding the installation with a late_command to
add backports to sources.list and update and install with apt-get.
This wouldn't suit you, but it can be adapted:

d-i preseed/late_command string                                                                                 \      
    mkdir /target/media/ARCHIVE-9;                                                                              \      
    mount --bind /hd-media /target/media/ARCHIVE-9;                                                             \      
    sed -i 's/^/#/' /target/etc/apt/sources.list;                                                               \      
    echo "deb [ trusted=yes ] file:/media/ARCHIVE-9/debian jessie main contrib" >> /target/etc/apt/sources.list;       
    in-target apt-get update;                                                                                   \      
    in-target apt-get -y install mc gpm vim bash-completion less;