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OT: Newbie friendly C++ list

Background: I've never fully (or even mostly / sufficiently) grokked C or C++, 
but now I'm in the position of having (or at least wanting) to review (and, 
ideally, modify) a large program written in C++ (scintilla / scite).

Question: I would like to find one (or a small number) of "newbie friendly" 
email lists where I could ask various questions.  

Aside: I much prefer a mail list to a forum or a, hmm what't the word -- one 
of those real time messaging type things where you post a question and the 
people that are online at the time see the question and might answer it.  I 
have and will occasionally continue to use those, but I like mail lists best.

(Aside: because debian-user is a list that I try to pay attention to, and 
often get answers even to OT questions, I may pose some of the questions