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Re: Salsa vs Github

* On 2019 17 May 04:53 -0500, john doe wrote:
> I could be missing something here but why not simply 'mirroring' the
> github repo to salsa?

That is possible but, as far as I know, it is a manual process.  I do
the same with a project hosted on both SourceForge and GitHub.  For any
updates I manually push to each repository to keep them in sync.

Features of each site are not reflected on the other.  These are things
like issue trackers, pull requests generated through the respective
sites, or forks on the respective sites.  These things are all
peripheral to the source in the Git repository but are important
metadata which the Git repository will not contain.

When branches are created that are intended to be long lived, they must
be pushed to each site individually.  Sometimes mistakes happen so one
almost needs a checklist to be sure are the steps get done each time.


- Nate


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