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Re: Salsa vs Github

On 17/05/2019 10:23, Jonathan Dowland wrote:
> On Thu, May 16, 2019 at 04:51:22PM +0100, Paul Sutton wrote:
>> is it possible to
>> 1. Fork a project between github -> salsa or between salsa -> github ?
> No. But, you can create a corresponding project in one based on the same
> git repository. I.e., you clone the git repository from one project,
> create the second project on the other platform, and push the git repo's
> references (branches and tags) to the new project. Neither project will
> be "aware" of the copy on the other platform.
> Those who have answered "Yes, they are both git repositories" are
> ignoring that the issues, pull requests and relationship-tracking
> between a project and a fork within the same platform are not stored in
> the git repository.
>> 2 As above but issue pull / merge requests between the two?
> No.
>> I am asking this, as if someone has github, and can do the above they
>> are able to perhaps help, without having to sign up to an account on
>> salsa.
> If you create a project on GitHub which is effectively a "mirror" of
> your project on Salsa, you (or scripts/services you set up to do so on
> your behalf) will need to make sure to update the GitHub project with
> changes to the Salsa one, and vice-versa, and also monitor issues and
> pull requests raised on GitHub.
> It's a trade-off between this work (a burden on you) and the burden of
> potential contributors having to sign up for a Salsa account. But if you
> don't want to put off contributors, then you can choose to shoulder that
> burden :)
Cool thanks,  most of my github projects are personal anyway. It is
probably just quicker to, as you said,  create and clone a new
repository, add the files to it,then push it up to salsa.

I won't be doing anything complex like tracking issues between the two
platforms just yet as I am still learning how to do the basics.


Paul Sutton
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