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Re: Salsa vs Github

On Thu, May 16, 2019 at 04:51:22PM +0100, Paul Sutton wrote:
is it possible to
1. Fork a project between github -> salsa or between salsa -> github ?

No. But, you can create a corresponding project in one based on the same
git repository. I.e., you clone the git repository from one project,
create the second project on the other platform, and push the git repo's
references (branches and tags) to the new project. Neither project will
be "aware" of the copy on the other platform.

Those who have answered "Yes, they are both git repositories" are
ignoring that the issues, pull requests and relationship-tracking
between a project and a fork within the same platform are not stored in
the git repository.

2 As above but issue pull / merge requests between the two?


I am asking this, as if someone has github, and can do the above they
are able to perhaps help, without having to sign up to an account on salsa.

If you create a project on GitHub which is effectively a "mirror" of
your project on Salsa, you (or scripts/services you set up to do so on
your behalf) will need to make sure to update the GitHub project with
changes to the Salsa one, and vice-versa, and also monitor issues and
pull requests raised on GitHub.

It's a trade-off between this work (a burden on you) and the burden of
potential contributors having to sign up for a Salsa account. But if you
don't want to put off contributors, then you can choose to shoulder that
burden :)

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