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debian stretch tigervnc issues

Recently I got a nvme ssd and did a fresh install of debian stretch (amd64). In the new install, tigervnc is acting up. Commands like "vncconfig" and "vncserver" do not always work. Randomly, about half the time, commands just hang waiting for something and at other times they will exit without doing anything.  I do not have any idea why this is happening.

I usually fire off one vnc for each user account and we simply connect to one of them to use. This has become a pain now. We use a script vnc0 :N below on an xterm to switch between different user's screen and it nolonger works reliably now

#!/bin/tcsh -f

if ($?DISPLAY) then
    vncconfig -disconnect
    set olddisplay = "$DISPLAY"
    setenv DISPLAY :0
    xvncviewer -FullScreen -FullColor $*
    xvncviewer -FullScreen \
        -passwd ~/.vnc/passwd -FullColor $olddisplay >& /dev/null &
    echo 'No current $DISPLAY. Trying :0'
    xvncviewer -display :0 -FullScreen -FullColor $* || \
        echo "display :0 not found"

My older install  (jesse, i386) on the very same machine (dual boot) works just fine, although I think it is xvnc4.  I need amd64 to install windows 8 guest.  So, I am in a bit of a fix.  Please help if you know what I am missing in my tigenvnc setup.