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Re: Age Ranges for contributors was: Salsa vs Github

On 16/05/2019 18:32, Dominik George wrote:
> Hi,
>> Further to the comments by nik on the Salsa vs Github thread. 
>> Am I right in thinking that you can be _any_ age to contribute to
>> projects hosted on Salsa and contribute to the Debian project in
>> general?
> Yes. This results from the fact that in Debian, noone cares whether you are old, young, male, female, trans,...,... No questions ask, as long as you abide by the rules.
>> Granted there is probably a minimal age for practicality reasons.
> As head of Teckids, the heade of the free software (and Debian centric) youth organisation, I can say that we have seen and worked with contributors as young as 10.
> Thank you for taking this topic serious :)!
> -nik

Great stuff,  convincing local youth workers etc that anyone 10+ can
just join regardless of age, could be a problem (here it is partly down
to safeguarding ),  I will stick to promotion via the South Devon Tech
Jam (which I help run).   This is open to any age,  never a problem and
in fact there is a lot of intergenerational contact too without a problem.

While safeguarding is important (working with children in the UK it is
something that is really pushed ) we can keep people safe through good
education  on how to conduct themselves and what to, and not to share

Does Debian have any specific advice on this?, in relation to services
such as salsa, irc and mailing lists,  if so, it may be worth making
access to this more prominent.

I am probably over thinking stuff here.  However if this comes up while
talking to people who work with children and young people then It is
handy to have answers.

Nice thing about the free software community it is truly inclusive, 
something a lot of the offline world could learn from (and fail to grasp
fully).  But that is the 'hacker (original meaning , ESR' ) way of doing

No problem about taking this seriously,   I can now push the tools that
help and not hinder this effort.



Paul Sutton
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