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Re: Install backport during netinstall installation process

On 2019-05-16, Rory Campbell-Lange <rory@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Consequently I'd be grateful to know if:
> * it is possible to somehow install the backport kernel and dependencies
>   during the netinstall process 
>   (apt-get install doesn't seem available on the virtual terminals)

I guess preseeding is one way of doing it (gleaned from a rapid internet


> * alternatively, what mount point and commands should I use to make a
>   root file system (which I've re-raided and decrypted) available to the
>   buster installer in rescue mode

> Thanks very much
> Rory
> ** there is another issue, which is the stretch grub doesn't seem to be
> able to decrypt a dm_crypt volume when made from buster. I've reported
> that to debian-boot.

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