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Re: Salsa vs Github


>I am creating levels for the Rocks and Diamonds game (
>https://www.artsoft.org/ ) these are being uploaded to my project
>repository on salsa
>I am in the process of updating the README.md files so, hopefully
>can also be part of this project.
>is it possible to
>1. Fork a project between github -> salsa or between salsa -> github ?
>2 As above but issue pull / merge requests between the two?

first off, please do *never* use GitHub for free software.

Especially not in a project that might be used by one of the groups GitHub discriminates against (potential contributors under 16 years of age in that case).

That said:

Forking on either platform is nothing more than git clone; git remote add origin; git push. So yes, you can fork any repository to anywhere else.

If you want GitHub users to also be able to use the issue tracker, etc., EduGit.org might be an option for a game as well.