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Re: bind gets permission errors in buster--systemd-related?

Sven, thanks for the tip about AppArmor.  Yet another presumably
complicated system I've avoided learning about til now.  I guess it's

As to why bind is trying to open /run/named/named.resolvers: that is a
customized integration with resolvconf.  It is not the default, but it
is something I want to work.  Or I need an alternate way to achieve
the same functionality, which is that when resolvconf gets info on
nameservers it passes that on to bind.

Lee, I don't think this is a vanilla permission problem.  As I thought
the comments in the original indicated, ownership and permissions look
as if they should be good for the bind user, and I even su'd to bind
and was able to access one of the files that the bind daemon said it
couldn't access.