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Fully automatic installation of Debian made simple

Hello Debian users,

For those who are interested in fully automatic installation of Debian,
I have published something that you'll find useful.

It allows you to create a fully automatic Debian installation disk very
easily, using a simple YAML file to describe the system and docker to
build the ISO image.

For now, there are three flavours you can use:

- lvm: Simple logical volume on one disk, no encryption.
- raid: Create an ISO image with software RAID and LVM (RAID1, two
- luks: Create and ISO image with fully encrypted disk (one disk only).

It has been tested on Debian Stretch only for now.


- AppArmor activated on boot.
- Root password set.
- Your SSH public key is installed for root.


A big thanks to simple-cdd and reprepro, this could not have been
possible without these tools.


André Rodier