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Problem: Slow boot -- Mounts fail.


During the boot process there are several mount "jobs" started, and they all finish/fail with two messages;

	Dependency failed for ...
	Timeout waiting for ...

that is except for root.

I removed all the mounts for user partitions from fstab and just left the mounts for root, boot, home and home2 but got the same results for the four that were left. Incidentally, when I run the user mounts after the system is "up" it takes just a few seconds to mount 14 partitions.

After the mounts "fail" the boot process stops in Emergency Mode, and I have the choice of logging on to root to fix the problem, or entering ctl-d to continue on. If I log on to root I find that all four of the volumes are mounted and nothing is wrong. If I choose ctl-d the boot process will continue with no problems.

How do I prevent the mounts from failing and make the system continue on with the boot process?

Many TIA!