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Re: clone a bootable image (was: Re: intermittent or not? "Could not resolve 'deb.debian.org'")

On 5/13/2019 6:03 PM, Erik Josefsson wrote:
> Hi john!
> First, thanks to you and everyone for helpful suggestions.
> Den 2019-05-12 kl. 08:45, skrev john doe:
>> focus on one card first then clone it!:)
> I'll focus on this suggestion now l because it sounds like it could save
> me a lot of time.
> But before I start, I have to ask if it is actually possible to clone a
> bootable image (that's what I have, right?) from one SD-card to another,
> if the SD-cards are a bit different?
> I have one 64GB Extreme, one 64GB Extreme PLUS and one 32GB Extreme
> PLUS, all SD-cards from SanDisk.
> Let's say I start with the smallest, what's the command line sequence
> for cloning it onto e.g. 64GB Extreme PLUS?
> One of the reasons I ask is that I got the impression that the speed
> optimisations that are made by the box-fill-disk command somehow has a
> dialogue with the card when the card's read/write parameters are set:
> "Optionally tune ext4 filesystems for specific MicroSD NAND chip pattern."
> https://salsa.debian.org/tinker-team/box/commit/be07a3a1b0
> If each card type (and size) talks back in its own way, then I guess I
> can only clone a card onto cards of identical type (and size)?

That is doable, but you are heading for more trouble with diffrent sizes.

So you have three cards, two 64 and one 32.
With the end gall of using the three carts here's what I would do:
- Your card of 32 gb is the one that you will clone from; so make sure
that this one is working the way you want it to
- Clone the 32 card on one of the 64 card using dd command
There are two ways to do the cloning:
  - Use GRML (live distro ...) to clone the 32 card on the 64 card; this
assume that you can have both card connected at the same time
  - Make an image of the 32 card then copy that image on the 64 card

This is CLI only! :)
While you should be able to clone a running system I'm not comfortable
with that mainly because I haven't test it that way! :)

Also, the internet machine could be worth looking at:


John Doe