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Re: Is it possible to install Debian in such a case.

On Sat 11 May 2019 at 16:21:41 -0400, An Liu wrote:

> > Try booting the mini.iso with GRUB's loopback. You might have a pleasant
> > surprise!
> >
> Yes, boot with GRUB's loopback, I can start debian-installer, impressive!

I used the i-386 stretch mini.iso successfully.

> But it still failed at detect media step. As we can't mount loop devices in busy
> box,  if we could extract the contents in this ISO to some place we
> could read (
> e.g  USB with fat format),  can we continue this installer ?

That's a different issue. The kernel, initrd and the udebs in the
archive have to match what is in the ISO. Something somewhere needs