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Re: Is it possible to install Debian in such a case.

On Sat 11 May 2019 at 13:26:33 -0400, Gene Heskett wrote:

> On Saturday 11 May 2019 11:42:04 am Brian wrote:

> > You are in a bad way. I wouldn't even wish that on those users who see
> > -user as a Windows support list. :)
> FWIW Brian, i did finally get that "W" box to work this morning. Up to 
> now clicking on the Powershell link did nothing, but this morning it 
> asked me for my usernme and passwd, and from that shell everything 
> worked. I even downloaded and installed the software needed to run the 
> vna app, and it all Just Worked.  I have no clue why it was so 
> obstreperous prior to this morning. So theoreticly I won't be asking for 
> windows support again. For those that did try to help, it appears 
> that "run as administrator" is no longer part of windows 10 home 
> edition, but PowerShell seems to be the magic twanger now. Again, many 
> thanks to those that did hold their nose and try to help. It was 
> appreciated.

-user is described as "Community assistance and support for Debian
users.", so it looks like a user has carte blanche to post what he
wants; it depends what is meant by "Debian users". I am a Debian user
and am having problems with my mobile phone. Should I seek help here?

Glad you sorted your issue - really. But one hopes that most users
appreciate that Debian-based questions are the practical focus on
this list and do not abuse its purpose, as spammers do.