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Re: A Ghost in the Computer

On Sat, May 11, 2019 at 09:51:51AM -0400, Stephen P. Molnar wrote:
> Perhaps this is not the appropriate forum for this problem but the Debian
> List has been an invaluable resource over the years. I happen to be a
> Chemist and although I've been using computers in my work since the 1960's,
> I am not a computer person, only a user.
> I am running Debian Stretch on my main computer.  I have an AMDFX-8320
> Eight-Core Processor on a ASUS MSAR2.0 Moptherboard and 8GB of running
> XFCE4.  I an encountering a rather odd problem for which I have no
> explanation.
> If I have more that three or four apps open at one time, all of the
> non-active windows will pop open at random and predictable times with the
> result that no one window will be useable, unless I close every app that's
> open.
> This performance is rather annoying and rather disruptive.
> Any suggestions will be appreciated.
That seems very odd.  Have you run memtest86+ on the system?  I have a
sneaking suspicion that you might be dealing with some bad memory.

My recommendation is to boot from a CD or USB, as that allows memtest86+
to perform a more thorough check.



Roberto C. Sánchez