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Re: Disk setup to boot both RAID1 disks

Hi, Pascal,

I  personally didn't use --removable option while install GRUB,
but  built a standalone EFI boot executable for grub (say,
grubx64.efi with modules),it could be copied everywhere you want,
and it do safe me many times.

Are these two the same thing?

> My method of choice would be to install GRUB in the "removable path"
> location of each EFI partition with the --removable option because it
> does not need to register EFI boot entries. But I have observed an UEFI
> firmware (the same which requires GPT for EFI boot) which ignores the
> removable path location if an EFI boot entry pointing to the same disk
> exists (even though not functional) so beware. Actually the most
> difficult part is to work around the UEFI firmware bugs.

Liu An