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Re: dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration (Swedish with "|")

Den 2019-05-11 kl. 01:22, skrev Jonas Smedegaard:
Quoting Erik Josefsson (2019-05-11 00:51:38)
My original problem was that I could not figure out how to get both 
Swedish and pipe "|" at all (which Jonas duly noted by removing "¦" 
from the original subject line).
I edited the subject line in my posts unrelated to the content of the 
thread: Since recently emails sent by my "alot" which is my main Mail 
User Agent (MUA) gets rejected by Debian servers if header fields 
contain non-ASCII characters.

The unintended consequence of interpreting your slight edit of the subject line as a comment on the content of the thread was that I learned a lot about my own mistakes :-)

Thank you!

That encourages me to ask another stupid question: I'd like to know why the "Keyboard model" has to be set before "Keyboard layout" when walking through the dpkg-reconfigure menues?

If it was the other way around, the first choice, "Keyboard layout", could perhaps make an informed selection from the list of "Keyboard models" that could be relevant at all.

In any case, what you care about as a user is "Keyboard layout", and in most cases when you have to make a series of choices, you start with your known knowns, not your known unknowns.

Best regards.