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Re: dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration (Swedish with "|")

Quoting Erik Josefsson (2019-05-11 00:51:38)
> My original problem was that I could not figure out how to get both 
> Swedish and pipe "|" at all (which Jonas duly noted by removing "¦" 
> from the original subject line).

I edited the subject line in my posts unrelated to the content of the 
thread: Since recently emails sent by my "alot" which is my main Mail 
User Agent (MUA) gets rejected by Debian servers if header fields 
contain non-ASCII characters.

If someone happen to know the "alot" MUA and can tell the tweaking 
needed to its configuration then great, but I don't have the time for 
broader suggestions requiring me to debug on my own, so I simply try 
avoid non-ASCII characters in header fields :-/

> Den 2019-05-10 kl. 18:21, skrev David Wright:
> > For example, I append lines to /etc/console-setup/remap.inc to do 
> > things like enhancing the navigation keys, and preventing Alt-space 
> > from producing NO-BREAK SPACE (because it's too easy to catch the 
> > Alt by mistake). Little things like that.
> > And in fvwm I have keys for audio control, taking screen shots, 
> > capturing the screen as a movie, rotating the monitor with xrandr, 
> > etc.

@David, if you care to share your personal tweaks then I am interested 
in having a closer look, for inspiration and possibly for more general 

 - Jonas

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