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Re: Is it possible to install Debian in such a case.

Hi, Pascal,

> Downloading vmlinuz is not required. You can get it from the ISO image.

> > I wonder if there is a way to finish install only in GRUB, without
> > initrd involved

maybe more precisely, without initrd.gz from hd-media involved,  but
could use initrd.gz from the
ISO file we have.

> The initrd.gz included in Debian installer ISO images cannot read files
> from an ISO image, only from a plain drive or partition. This is why you
> need an initrd.gz for hd-media. Note that there may also be restrictions
> about the supported filesystem types containing the ISO image.
yes, that's why i ask this question.

The initrd.gz from iso can't locate iso file, but i can. how can let
the install process know
where the iso file is.

The initrd.gz from hd-media can locate iso file by iso-scan, but it
would scan all dev
over. it takes a while. it does works as automation work, but if i
could tell the iso file location,
why not?  (hd-media + iso is my preferred way to install debian,
though, i always have a bootable USB
along with me)

Liu An