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Re: Is it possible to install Debian in such a case.

On 05/10/2019 03:48 AM, An Liu wrote:
Hi, List

Image the following case

What I Have.
a USB stick with
1.  a portable GRUB (either UEFI or legacy)
2.  a install ISO, such as debian-9.9.0-amd64-DVD-1.iso (mayb would e
a LiveCD make life easier?)

What we want.Have Debian installed (could assume that we could do
whatever we could, such as re-partitation the whole harddisk)> The Answer to this question is most probably yes, but how.>
The work around is to boot with  vmliunz and initrd.gz from
the cost is very small as these two file size total is less than 20M>
I wonder if there is a way to finish install only in GRUB, without
initrd involved

Missing background? Unstated goals?

1. Why is grub mentioned at all?
   If debian-9.9.0-amd64-DVD-1.iso has been properly placed on USB
   drive, that is all that is *ALL* that is required to install to:
   A. machine's hard-drive.
   B. a second USB drive. [be careful to place grub on correct drive]

2. Why are vmliunz and initrd.gz mentioned?