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Re: Is it possible to install Debian in such a case.

Hi, Joe

Thank you
> The current (and presumably all future) stable installation images will
> install either in legacy mode or UEFI. Just transfer the image to the
> stick (the whole stick, not a partition of it) and it should Just Work.
'Should just Work' is not what i care in this question, so far debian installer
 works quite for me without any issue

> Transfer can be done in Linux by cat, dd, cp or presumably other
> methods. There is also a Windows utility (win32diskimager) which will
> copy images to USB sticks.
Yes, i use dd or cp to create install media for formal case, because it's the
recommended way which tested quite well.

Actually the question could extend in several ways, such as

1. Could I install debian from chroot enviroment while i'm in another
linux dist
(such as CentOS, SUSE,  RHEL ...), or vice versa.
2. Could I boot A LiveCD without burn it to some media

These are not typically problems bother me, but something interesting
to play with,  LOL

Liu An