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Re: Is it possible to install Debian in such a case.

Quoting An Liu (2019-05-10 11:09:25)
> > Sorry, I don't understand: what do you want different from running
> > debian-installer?
> >
> In short,just for fun
> longer answer,
> 1. want to know what a installation process (e.g. bootable iso) actually do
> for us 。
> 2.Find some clues if the automation setup fails,what we could do next

Ah, ok.  Then you probably want to play with debootstrap (or one of the 
many wrapper tools around that, or alternatives to it like multistrap or 
mmdebstrap), add compare the result of that with a debian-installer 
installation to understand what you are missing (e.g. a boot loader and 
various tweaks to files below /etc).

It sounds like perhaps you would be interested in joining the Tinker 
team: https://wiki.debian.org/DebianTinker

So far the "team" consist of only me, working on a set of routines to 
replicate what debian-installer does, without debian-installer: 

I have worked on that for ~9 years now. targeting a few ARM boxes and an 
ARM-based laptop, but intend to extend to cover also amd64 and i386 
devices, just haven't taken the time for that yet.

Please consider joining the tinker-team mailinglist (listed at the wiki 
page referenced above) and let's discuss further there.

...or if you just want working code, then buy one of the supported 
Olimex devices and grab working images at https://box.redpill.dk/ :-)

 - Jonas

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