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Re: Testing netinstall, but use stable release?

On 5/8/19 11:39 PM, Rory Campbell-Lange wrote:
Hi David

Hi Rory.  :-)

On 08/05/19, David Christensen (dpchrist@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
On 5/8/19 10:32 AM, Rory Campbell-Lange wrote:
I'm setting up some servers with A2SDi-8C-HLN4F motherboards with Intel
x553 cards that require the ixgbe kernel module.

The latest stable netinstall image allows one to load the ixgbe module
but the network interfaces aren't seen. However, the latest testing
netinstall sees the network interfaces fine.

Is there a clever way of downgrading the installation to stable while
keeping the testing kernel and associated ixgbe module?

It looks like Buster uses kernel 4.19.0:


It looks like this kernel is available as a backport for Stretch:


Assuming the ixgbe driver is bundled with kernel packages, I would try doing
a Stretch install and then installing the backported kernel.

Thanks very much for that information. The links with search parameters
are particularly helpful. I can confirm that the Buster kernel (at
least, in the latest testing netinstall images) has a working ixgbe

I have something of a chicken-and-egg situation installing a back-ported
kernel as I can't get the machine (which is in a remote data centre)
onto the network under the stable netinstall.

Is it theoretically possible to add another kernel and dependencies to a
stable netinstall iso image? I've already constructed a custom ISO for
console redirection.

Does the machine have any other network interfaces (such as on the motherboard) that are supported OOTB by the Stretch installers?

If not, can you add a supported NIC; such as an Intel Gigabit desktop adapter?