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Re: Help tracking down a random beep

On 2019-05-09, rhkramer@xxxxxxxxx <rhkramer@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> In the event there is no functional motherboard speaker, I guess it
>> cannot be a BIOS alarm of any kind.
> Interesting -- I'm not used to / familiar with a speaker on the MB -- in the 
> old days there was typically a speaker in the case that (if you were building 
> your own) you had to connect.  (And, so if there is no speaker, the BIOS can't 
> signal an error?)


 The computer often seems to make beep noises or other sounds at various times,
 whether we want them or not ...

 Note: The sounds are caused by the BIOS (Basic Input/Output System), the OS
 (Operating System), the DE (Desktop Environment), or various software programs.
 The BIOS is a particularly troublesome problem because it is kept inside an
 EPROM chip on the motherboard, and the only direct control the user has is by
 turning the power on or off. Unless the BIOS setup has a setting you can adjust
 or you wish to attempt to reprogram that chip with the proper light source, it
 is not likely you will be able to change it at all. BIOS-generated beep sounds
 are not addressed here, except to say that unplugging your computer case
 speaker will stop all such sounds from being heard. (Do so at your own risk.)

>> If the OP's somewhere in West Virginia, maybe Gene turned his up so loud
>> that it's audible down the block. 
> I do live in Pa. (which is adjacent to WV), but on the other end of the state 
> -- we probably have other people complaining if the beep was coming from 
> Gene's machine. ;-)
 Well, you're contiguous, and I'm like those hard-nosed TV cops---I don't
believe in coincidences.


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