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Re: Help tracking down a random beep

Am 09.05.19 um 02:32 schrieb rhkramer@xxxxxxxxx:
> On my Debian Jessie system, for several hours today I've been hearing a beep 
> (through my audio system / speakers / headphones) something like the beep that 
> used to come out of the PC speaker (on older computers -- I don't think I even 
> have that speaker connected on this computer).
> The beep occurs at fairly random intervals, varying from about 5 seconds and 
> going up to as much as 5 minutes or more.
> I've tried looking at a lot of the logs, but so far I haven't found any log 
> that tells me anything about that beep (the logs I've looked at include 
> syslog, messages, Xorg, kern, daemon, wtmp (??).
> Does somebody here have some suggestions on trying to track down the source, 
> preferably without having to shut down any applications or the computer? 

I had this looong time ago. Caused by a noisy/broken keyboard cable. My be there could be a situation similar on modern USB base keyboards?