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Re: Remote server access via KVM?

On Thu, May 09, 2019 at 06:52:57AM -0500, Tom Browder wrote:
>    My remote server hosted with Dedispec has serious problems and they have
>    offered me access via KVM.
>    What do I need on my end to use that access to fix my remote host from my
>    home network?
>    All the references I see are access to VMs running on a local network.
>    Thanks.
>    -Tom

It is not entirely clear from the context of your message if the hosted
server you reference is dedicated hardware or a virtual machine.  So,
the meaning of "KVM" is ambiguous.  It could refer to kernel virtual
machine, in which case the access sounds like it would be direct console
access to the host system on which the guest runs.  Or it could refer to
keyboard-video-mouse, in which case it sounds like they are offering you
out of band access to a piece of dedicated hardware.

Could you clarify the meaning you intended to communicate?


Roberto C. Sánchez