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Re: Help tracking down a random beep

On 2019-05-09, Cindy Sue Causey <butterflybytes@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I had something similar that sounded like a little 6" Elf sneezing in
> my little ASUS laptop/netbook. Same deal where it was very sporadic.
> It turned out to most likely be a warning that it was about to *CLICK*
> off due to overheating..
> $ sensors -f

In the event there is no functional motherboard speaker, I guess it
cannot be a BIOS alarm of any kind.

If the OP's somewhere in West Virginia, maybe Gene turned his up so loud
that it's audible down the block. 

> ...gets me what I need for now. Others may have better favorites that
> provide really cool feedback. "sensors -f" provides the (hopefully
> correct) CPU temps plus the threshold they're not supposed to touch.
> Also provides fan speed... that's actually a number larger than zero
> in mine these days. :)
> Cindy :)

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