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Speed Problem Copying Files

Hi everybody,

for years I have used CentOS for our server landscape. Now I decided to give Debian a try. I just set up a Stretch 9.8 system supposed to become our main backup server. So I set up a backup job wih rsync. But the going is really very very slooooow. Trying to figure out what's happening:

  • iperf -c [host] => bandwith almost 1000 Mbit, that's fine.
  • dd if=/dev/zero of=/daten/testfile bs=1G count=10 oflag=direct => 10737418240 Bytes (11 GB, 10 GiB) kopiert, 40,4992 s, 265 MB/s, so that's fine as well

But whenever I try to rsync, cp or scp - whether copy files on the local hard disk only or over the network - speed goes down to 500 kB/s.

Filesystem is ext4.

I don't have any clue about what's going on. Any kind of help would be appreciated, thank you!