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Re: Configure your PC to contribute to Debian community

Ian Jackson <ijackson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Vipul writes ("Configure your PC to contribute to Debian community"):
> > Is there a way to get isolation for work & contribution purpose to
> > keep yourself organized? I can get isolation by using Docker image
> > or install one more copy of Debian in PC and switch between them but
> > that would be painful. I want to hear from contributors &
> > maintainers Which method they are using or prefer to get isolation?
> schroot is a utility to help you work with chroots.
> sbuild is the build tool.
> To make a chroot you can use sbuild-createchroot or, err, I forget
> what it's called, schroot-buildd-setup or something ?  Maybe someone
> else will pop up with the answer.

The relatively new ‘sbuild-debian-developer-setup’ package installs a
command of the same name, which I found significantly simplifies setting
up a sufficiently-isolated standard Debian package build environment.

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