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Re: Configure your PC to contribute to Debian community

Hi Vipul,

On 08.05.19 15:26, Vipul wrote:
Hey there,

I've been using Debian from couples of years but haven't contributed
yet back to community. I want to contribute to Debian by maintaining
packages and fixing bugs.
This is very timely since the next Debian release, buster, is just
waiting for the remaining bugs to be fixed.
Since I'm using Debian for work purpose also so, I don't want to
mess-up  with my system by installing unstable packages or libraries.
Is there a way to get isolation for work & contribution purpose to
keep yourself organized?
    I can get isolation by using Docker image or install one more copy
of Debian in PC and switch between them but that would be painful. I
want to hear from contributors & maintainers Which method they are
using or prefer to get isolation?

You may decide to go for chroot environments: https://wiki.debian.org/chroot