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Re: Help, windows dummy has bought one. I need it for a job or 100

On Wed, 8 May 2019 03:55:03 -0400
Gene Heskett <gheskett@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> That is a laborius process, taking at least 10x what any of my linux 
> machines need to reboot. From powerup to login was at least 15
> minutes.

Very definitely not right. Maybe it feels outnumbered...

> And I have been to that utility, but it has no place to disable ipv6
> as a whole, has lots of names in the menu I never heard of, and when
> I try to give it an ipv4 address, I get to error beep,
> error beep, and it will not take an entry past the 3. Now, I am 1st
> user, but no place do I recall being asked for admin rights via a
> passwd. Not finding a shutdown, I killed it with the power switch
> when I gave up for the night.

There's a box for Ethernet adaptor properties, it contains a list of
protocols with tickboxes, you should be able to turn off IPv6 and then
select IPv4 and click 'Properties'.