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Re: Help, windows dummy has bought one. I need it for a job or 100

On Wednesday 08 May 2019 03:49:34 am Joe wrote:

> On Tue, 7 May 2019 18:47:50 -0400
> Gene Heskett <gheskett@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > Greetings all;
> >
> > First it doesn't have a clue what to do with a wired network.
> > It sure wants to hook up to all the neighborhoods wifi, all of which
> > are secured.
> > Second, its like stretch seems locked to ipv6 but its ipv4 for at
> > least a hundred miles in any direction from  my 10-20 in North
> > Central WV.
> >
> > Third, I can't find a place to enter a netmask route or gateway, its
> > been sleeping with dhcp for way too long.
> >
> > I finally find what sort of looks like the old xp network
> > configurator but it error beeps at me to the entry of any address on
> > my local net that isn't already taken.
> >
> > So how do I convince this brand new unibody HP to use a static wired
> > network setup?
> >
> > In the FWIW category, it takes winders 10 about 10x longer to boot
> > than any of my linux machines. Makes me wonder if they should have
> > named it window-0.1 because it is boringly slow.
> Shouldn't. I have a W10 netbook, though I'm not familiar with it, it
> had Debian installed within a week. Boot (from definitely off) is less
> than thirty seconds. Booting should not be held up by network issues.
> Open up the properties of the Ethernet adaptor, select TCP/IPv4,
> Properties, then untick the automatic options. You should be able to
> enter values in the address, mask and gateway boxes, and specify DNS
> servers below. It shouldn't need a reboot.

There is no place in that sequence to select TCP/IPv4 on this machine.  
If ipv6 dhcp fails, you are apparently screwed. And they call this an 
OS? Not where (and when) I went to school.

Computers were 10,000+ 12AU7's and occupied whole floors of buildings. 6 
years after I took an 8th grade diploma and started fixing tv's for a 
living I saw the computer that graded the Iowa test, then considered the 
equ of the Stanford IQ, scoring a 147 on it. One tabloid sized Harris 
stream fed press with banks of photocells to read the dots on the paper 
at about 10 sheets a second.

I was a nerd the girls wouldn't touch because I don't think the word had 
been invented yet. Now after moving to broadcast engineering in the 
early 60's, 25 some years since with the door placard saying Chief 
Engineer, I did that till I retired in 2002, so now I'm just another old 
codger. Careing for my dying of copd wife, the third and at 30 years 
this fall, the longest.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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 soap, ballot, jury, and ammo. Please use in that order."
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