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Re: notify-send script messed up my environment

On Tuesday 07 May 2019 07:56:35 pm Dan Ritter wrote:

> Gene Heskett wrote:
> > I've had a problem, I think with dbus that smells a bit like this.
> >
> > I've a bash script that sends  inotifywait to watch the mail dir in
> > /var, and when one of the files is closed after writing and incoming
> > mail to it, returns to my script with the name of the file and sends
> > kmail a dbus message to go get mail $name. At the same time it
> > relaunches inotifywait to resume the watch. kmail goes and gets the
> > mail, zeroing out the contents of /var/mail/$name. But on wheezy
> > that got iffy after 20+ days of uptime and I had to reboot to
> > "clean" house or whatever was muching things up. In that 20 days,
> > dbus probably handled 350 to 600 cycles a day.  Now I haven't enough
> > uptime on 64 bit stretch to test it yet.
> You're watching /var/mail/gheskett for new mail?
> Kmail can probably do that by itself.

Yes it can pull from /var/mail/$name all by itself, but thats not in step 
with the incoming, and kmail freezes while its doing that, sometime for 
a minute+ at a time.  This is essentially instant reaction to an 
incoming mail, with a kmail freeze in milliseconds. kmail is a single 
threaded program.
> https://docs.kde.org/stable5/en/pim/kmail2/configure-appearance.html#c
> says
> If you enable the system tray icon then a small KMail icon
> with the number of unread messages will be shown in the system
> tray. You can enable KMail's system tray icon with Enable system
> tray icon, and with System Tray Mode you can specify whether the
> tray icon should always be shown or only if you have unread
> messages.
> If the icon is visible then you can hide KMail's main window by
> clicking on the icon or by clicking on the window close button.
> By clicking on the icon you can make KMail's main window visible
> again. If you click on the icon with the right mousebutton then
> you get a menu with a few useful commands. You can check for new
> mail, create a new message or quit KMail. Additionally, there is
> the entry New Messages In which lists all folders containing
> unread messages. If you choose one of those folders then this
> folder will be selected in KMail's main window.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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