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Re: notify-send script messed up my environment

Gene Heskett wrote: 
> I've had a problem, I think with dbus that smells a bit like this.
> I've a bash script that sends  inotifywait to watch the mail dir in /var, 
> and when one of the files is closed after writing and incoming mail to 
> it, returns to my script with the name of the file and sends kmail a 
> dbus message to go get mail $name. At the same time it relaunches 
> inotifywait to resume the watch. kmail goes and gets the mail, zeroing 
> out the contents of /var/mail/$name. But on wheezy that got iffy after 
> 20+ days of uptime and I had to reboot to "clean" house or whatever was 
> muching things up. In that 20 days, dbus probably handled 350 to 600 
> cycles a day.  Now I haven't enough uptime on 64 bit stretch to test it 
> yet.

You're watching /var/mail/gheskett for new mail?

Kmail can probably do that by itself.



If you enable the system tray icon then a small KMail icon
with the number of unread messages will be shown in the system
tray. You can enable KMail's system tray icon with Enable system
tray icon, and with System Tray Mode you can specify whether the
tray icon should always be shown or only if you have unread

If the icon is visible then you can hide KMail's main window by
clicking on the icon or by clicking on the window close button.
By clicking on the icon you can make KMail's main window visible
again. If you click on the icon with the right mousebutton then
you get a menu with a few useful commands. You can check for new
mail, create a new message or quit KMail. Additionally, there is
the entry New Messages In which lists all folders containing
unread messages. If you choose one of those folders then this
folder will be selected in KMail's main window.