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Re: Is Debian 9 supposed to work on a Geode?

>> Most of those ARM SBCs come with a µSD slot plus other things.
>> Even if you connect a SATA disk, you'll often need a µSD because some
>> of those SBCs don't have any on-board flash memory, so you need the µSD
>> to hold the U-Boot (which plays the role of the BIOS) without which the
>> board doesn't even know how to read from the SATA disk.
> I see. Being able to replace the memory that holds the bootloader makes
> perfect sense. That's even a feature I would pay extra for.

Yup: µSD cards tend to suck when compared to SATA devices, but when you
compare them to on-board flash holding BIOS and other such read-only
firmware, they rock!