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Re: Netiquette [Was: Re: pmount could perhaps be of greater utility?

Thanks for your reply, and thanks for putting it on the list!


Oh, and thanks for checking the spelling (kmail, at least the version I use, doesn't check spelling (or maybe I haven't enabled spellcheck).


(I may check the US spelling at some point -- ah, ok, a quick google finds:



“Publicly” and “publically” | Stroppy Editor


Dec 9, 2014 - It's widely regarded as a mistake (although some dictionaries now list it as a variant spelling). But the approved spelling, “publicly”, is a unique ...



So, I'll use "publicly" -- I was going to do that, but it just seemed wrong at the time ;-)


Have a good day!


On Tuesday, May 07, 2019 08:41:16 AM Erik Christiansen wrote:

> If my judgemental wording has offended the author on the other list,

> then I will admit to careless use of language. The out-of-the-blue shot

> across my bow from David, using that awkwardly and unproductively

> constructed use case looked like a deliberate straw man attack, coming

> hot on the heels of a deprecation attempt. Where a shell provides syntax

> alternatives, all still documented and supported, it may be perceived as

> unwelcoming and unproductive to spontaneously hound one usage in favour

> of one's own bias. Still, it would be better if my response had been more

> sanguine.


> Erik


> P.S. s/publically/publicly (Yep, spellchecking in Vim in Mutt is OK

> with that. Caveat: I use a British

> dictionary. Haven't checked for possible USA

> divergent spelling.)